Seafood BBQ


An extraordinary feeling when you can select the seafood that you love, then have our Chef to cook your choice of seafood as the way you want, either in boiled, steammed or traditional BBQ style and serve them you instant. What a joyful experience.

We sell and serve seafood with no much higher price compared to outside seafood restaurants, meanwhile we still guarantee that our dishes quality meet the proper hygiene standard of a four-star resort.

  • Arkshell, scallops: 100.000 VND per kilogrammes.
  • Tuna, round scad: 150.000 VND per kilogrammes.
  • Squid, baby squid: 300.000 VND per kilogrammes.
  • Tiger Prawn: 400.000 VND per kilogrammes.
  • Flower Crab: 750.000 VND per kilogrammes.

(Please be advised that prices subject to change seasonally).

With those yummy seafood dishes, Muine Bay can always ensure to deliver you a promising dinner in our cozy atmosphere with your beloved family.